Purchase and sale of real estate in the hotel and tourism industry

We offer real estate activities for a business company, property owners and investments in tourism. We are looking for suitable partners for the implementation of a business transaction in a […]

Hotel redesign

We provide our clients with comprehensive services in the process of design and implementation of hotel interiors. In projects, we work with renowned designers and manufacturers who have experience with […]

EU Project Funding

After processing the analysis and evaluation of the project, it is possible to secure for our clients funds from the European Investment Funds. We offer our clients the provision of […]


Both labor market developments and making the individual internal processes more effective cause companies to turn to outsourcing services. Experience has shown us that approximately 30% of hotel personnel are […]

Administration of economic – tax documents

Getting oneself oriented in the legislation and regulation of the conditions governing certain hotel or gastronomy business activities takes the knowledge and experience in a number of areas. Despite a […]

Project preparation and documentation

Based on your terms of reference, we will prepare for you complete preparation of the hotel operation project, including project documentation and construction readiness. We develop a given project with […]

Post-opening of the hotel

Under the hotel post-opening phase, we provide the following services for our clients: Training and management of the hotel manager directly in operation (including hotel surveillance and coaching) Monitoring of […]

Pre-opening of the hotel

Services provided prior to the opening of the hotel, in addition to the elaboration of project documentation and related processes, also include the following phase within the operation launch preparation, […]

Hotel branding and PR

The core of any successful hotel is a well-devised business strategy, identification of its real options, and the identity of its brand. We create a unique concept for the client, […]

Online Media

In today´s world, online marketing is the core of the marketing strategy for your hotel’s sales channels. We are engaged in this highly specialized task, for which it is extremely […]