The core of any successful hotel is a well-devised business strategy, identification of its real options, and the identity of its brand. We create a unique concept for the client, build a hotel brand that personalizes and characterizes it on the market. As part of our comprehensive service portfolio, we help clients create a strong corporate identity. We unify the sales possibilities and channels into a self-contained hotel concept, thereby creating its “DNA”. We will create for your hotel a visual, emotional and communication identity that will focus on specific target groups of guests.

  • Brand definition and name
  • Visual identity and logo creation
  • Design manual
  • Tagline and pay-off
  • Brand goals and business lines (description, differentiation, mission and brand values)
  • Key points of sale
  • Brand communication and corporate image “corporate identity”
  • Typography

We provide the following services as part of our branding services:

  • Creating professional photos and videos
  • Creating PR articles of the hotel
  • Design and implementation of print and audio-visual advertising
  • Design and production of promotional items
  • Design and production of business cards, gift vouchers and vouchers
  • Design and implementation of promotion events