– undertaking a comprehensive analysis of the hotel and solutions

Comprehensive consulting of our hotelrestart.com product in the form of a mandate report is project and crisis management in nature. The program includes the management of your hotel or operation under a mandate contract between our company and the hotel operator.


A guarantee of our success, part of the mandate contract is our obligation to refund the investment to the client in case of failure of the processes set up by us. Our consultants team becomes your hotel team. We take our work as a mission.
The upside to this product consists in the complexity of the solution for the entire hotel, regardless of the processes or the management system of the individual departments. Our experienced consultants work in a number of areas simultaneously, making the co-operation among the individual departments and areas more effective, and we thereby set up a single internal management system for the hotel.

This product is fit for:

  • Preparation and opening of new operation of a hotel or a part thereof
  • A cost ineffective hotel
  • Preparation and execution of hotel reconstruction
  • Hotel update or change in operation nature / category
  • Management during restructuring