Based on your terms of reference, we will prepare for you complete preparation of the hotel operation project, including project documentation and construction readiness. We develop a given project with our collaborating architects and interior designers. We consult our proposals directly with construction companies implementing the project, while bringing in the project practical layouts, we represent the investor directly on construction days or negotiations with contractors.
We reflect our experience in running hotels directly as early as in the technical preparation, drawing the investor´s attention to contingent shortcomings or statutory obligations of the operator, from electronic fire or security alarm through network devices with structured cabling, to cooling or economical hotel lighting. Individual areas of consultation:

  • Fire alarm and escape route marking
  • Evacuation radio
  • Internet including the layout of WiFi spots
  • Server
  • Telephone exchange establishment
  • Hotel TV system including preparation of distribution systems
  • Advance preparation and preparation for the camera system
  • Card system for hotel locks
  • Hotel lighting
  • HVAC
  • Heating, measuring and regulation
  • Catering equipment for the kitchen and restaurant