• Consultation based on the client’s terms of reference

This program offers clients an analysis, taking action as proposed by our team and follow-up control of the set process to eliminate the shortcomings or problems in hotel or gastronomic operations. Based on the requirement defined by you, we aim to eliminate a specific problem regardless of the hotel management, operation segment. This service variant is primarily intended for owners and senior managers who are able to name a given problem of their operation, but who are unable to properly set up processes or take measures for trouble-free functioning.
A specific case service is often used in:

  • Margin setting, cost price setting
  • Calculations for individual hotel sections including product calculations
  • Proposal and acceptance of business conditions for supplier-customer relations
  • Cash flow management
  • Creating rules for production processes of operation (Food and Beverage)
  • Creating food, drink menus and special menus
  • Setup of the proper organizational structure of the hotel with work time efficiency
  • Creating a concept of offer, a marketing strategy with designated markets
  • Developing a financial plan