A specific structure, content and degree of detail of a financial plan depends on the size of your hotel with the number of individual centers, or the size of a company that operates a number of hotels or other operations. The consultant develops the plan also according to the time horizon and adapt its content to the purpose which the plan making is to serve. Under the plan preparation and making process, we focus on:

  • so-called pre-planning phase, financial analysis of the hotel and data collection
  • fundamental planning strategy and formulation of objectives
  • long-term financial plan
  • short-term financial plan and budgets
  • financial operating plan
  • financial plan implementation over the planning period
  • financial plan level evaluation, reporting and contingent adjustments

Within our company, we use a number of methods, techniques and financial models whilst drawing up a plan. We prepare the following parts for clients in drawing up a long-term strategic plan:

  • project plan
  • capital expenditure plan
  • long-term financial plan
  • profit plan
  • planned financial balance
  • plan for profit distribution, settlement of losses, or elaboration of investment intention, as the case may be