Both labor market developments and making the individual internal processes more effective cause companies to turn to outsourcing services. Experience has shown us that approximately 30% of hotel personnel are provided from external resources. Our outsourcing product has the nature of a short-term contract, i.e. we largely provide for our clients executive and middle management positions, most often during seasonal periods or in arranging for major events or as a result of tackling
an operation crisis situation.

We are not a recruitment agency. We provide for our clients personal leasing services or project sourcing services for personnel in various positions. With our candidates we deal for our clients with “temporary help” situations, at which time we immediately replace the permanent staff representation in crisis situations. We provide outsourcing services both in executive or lower positions as well as by providing a hotel manager in middle and upper management. We work with candidates for work on medium-sized and long-term projects, with freelance experts in their fields or tradesmen.
For our outsourcing services, we provide comprehensive personnel training and direct supervision with the client:

  • executive service positions such as waiter, receptionist, assistant worker, hostess
  • executive positions with such specialization as barista, bartender, sommelier
  • executive administration positions such as handyman, IT technician, maid
  • middle management leading positions such as supervisor, restaurant manager, spa manager, etc.senior management positions are provided by a mandate or similar business contract/li>